This Week’s Quiz: On 1 April I Asked You To Write In And Tell Me The Difference Between Cuneiform And Hieroglyphics.

Maybe we can get more time, which would be wonderful. You can also hear our programs on WRMI ( ) and WRN ( ). These broadcasters diffuse our programs out of the goodness of their hearts, but unless you tell us how you heard us, we have no way of knowing … so do write and tell us how you listen to us. This week’s quiz: On 1 April I asked you to write in and tell me the difference between cuneiform and hieroglyphics. The answer is: Hieroglyphic writing represented consonants only. Cuneiform script represented whole syllables, including the vowels.


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Every residence or even occupied residential property is actually most likely to have plumbing bodies that demand waste water to be vacated to local sewers, septic systems or other forms of disposal. The waste water off restrooms and lavatories is carried out to record pits outside a property or even residence to link to drains that will definitely transmit the sullage and also sewage water to the areas where that can undertake more therapy.
Sign that indicate you may have a sewer problem:

Unpleasant odors coming from the sewer
Backed-up or clogged plumbing - sink or shower drains...

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